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Line 62: Line 62:
 Returns the current armor type (0, 1, or 2) of the player. Returns the current armor type (0, 1, or 2) of the player.
 +#​@Identifier_HTML~giveAmmo~@#​ ( 
 + #​@Arg_HTML~Number,​type~@#,​
 + #​@Arg_HTML~Number,​amount~@#​ )
 +Gives the player ammo of a given type. The //type// is one of the internal ammo type IDs defined in doomdef.h or h2def.h.
Line 133: Line 140:
 To stop the earthquake, set //​intensity//​ to zero. To stop the earthquake, set //​intensity//​ to zero.
 +#​@Identifier_HTML~setHealth~@#​ ( 
 + #​@Arg_HTML~Number,​hp~@#​ )
 +Changes player health to //hp// without checking restrictions. The value can be set to any number, even higher than the defined player maximum health. Setting //hp// to zero or a negative value kills the player, even if they have invulnerability.
 #​@Identifier_HTML~shotAmmo~@#​ ( ) #​@Identifier_HTML~shotAmmo~@#​ ( )
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