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 +What are Sprite Frames?
 +Sprite frames are patches. They can be replaced with external resources just like all other patches (with the same rules for different game modes). The same restrictions apply, though: the dimensions of the external resource do not affect the actual size of the sprite frame. This means the external resources must really be [[high-resolution_texture|high-resolution]] versions of the original images. Otherwise the size and/or aspect ratio will not be right for the resource.
 +For example, in order to replace the Doom medikit (lump name MEDIA0), one would place the file media0.png into the Patches directory.
 +Color-mapped versions of sprite frames can have external resources, too. To indicate that a resource is color-mapped,​ its name is formed like this:
 +<​code> ​  ​(patchName)-table(classNum)(tableNum).ext
 +(patchName) is the sprite frame lump name. (classNum) is the number of the color translation class. This number is always zero in jDoom and jHeretic. In jHexen, it's the player'​s class (0=Fighter, 1=Cleric, 2=Mage). tableNum is the index number of the color translation table. jDoom and jHeretic have 4 tables, jHexen has 8. For example: playa1-table01-ck.png would be the Doom player sprite frame A1 with color table 1. The -ck suffix makes the image color keyed (i.e. special colors indicate transparent pixels).
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