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 ====== Version 2.3.1 ====== ====== Version 2.3.1 ======
-Upcoming patch release for [[version:​2.3]] that fixes some incorrect behavior:+Patch release for [[version:​2.3]] that fixes some incorrect behavior:
-  * macOS: Missing textures on M1 Macs. Note that this is still an Intel build that will run under Rosetta.+  ​* Heretic: Sky textures are only partially visible. 
 +  * Hexen: Sky textures are sized incorrectly. 
 +  * Alignment of floor/​ceiling textures whose size is not 64x64. 
 +  ​* macOS: Missing ​and flickering ​textures on M1 Macs. 
 +  * macOS: Bullets firing in the wrong direction on M1 Macs. 
 +  * macOS: 3D camera mode does not allow flying downwards, only upwards on M1 Macs. 
 +Note that the macOS build is still for Intel so it will run under Rosetta.
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