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 +====== recutil (Module) ======
 Module that contains utilities for manipulating records. Module that contains utilities for manipulating records.
-====== Functions ​======+===== Functions =====
-{{Identifier|copyMissingMembers}} {{TypeArgument|Record|src}}{{TypeArgument|Record|dest}} )+#​@Identifier_HTML~copyMissingMembers~@# #@Arg_HTML~Record,src~@##@Arg_HTML~Record,dest~@# )
-Duplicates all members of the {{Argument|src}} record in the {{Argument|dest}} record without touching existing values in {{Argument|dest}}. Private members in {{Argument|src}} (begin with a double underscore <code>__</code>) are ignored.+Duplicates all members of the //src// record in the //dest// record without touching existing values in //dest//. Private members in //src// (begin with a double underscore ​''​<nowiki>__</nowiki>''​) are ignored.
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