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 ===== Functions ===== ===== Functions =====
-@#​Identifier_HTML~localSound~@#​ ( )+#@Identifier_HTML~localSound~@# ​
 + #​@Arg_HTML~Text,​sound~@#,​ 
 + #​@Arg_HTML~Number,​volume~@#​ ) 
 +Start playing a local sound without any particular emitter object. //sound// must be a valid ID of a [[ded:​sound|Sound definition]]. //volume// is the volume of the sound in the range 0...1. 
 +This is useful for example for UI/HUD sound effects. Use [[script:​module:​world#​World.Thing|World.Thing.startSound()]] to play a sound originating from a [[ded:​thing]].
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