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 +====== Home screen ======
 +The Doomsday Home screen allows you to manage and launch games, load saved games, join multiplayer games, and browse and manage [[mods]].
 +===== Feature history =====
 +  * [[version:​2.1]]:​ View options for sorting games, more settings for  custom profiles, save folder access, mod browsing tags ("​gamedata"​).
 +  * [[version:​2.0]]:​ Home screen replaces Snowberry. Added game profiles, new multiplayer server browser, packages list.
 +  * [[version:​1.14]]:​ Multiplayer sessions published to the master server are presented and joinable directly.
 +  * [[version:​1.14]]:​ Saved game sessions are presented and loadable.
 +  * [[version:​1.11]]:​ Game selection menu is present, providing a way to conveniently change game at runtime.
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