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Module that provides access to the savegame manipulation features of the resource subsystem.


convert ( Text|[[game_identity_key|gameId]], Text|savegamePath )

Performs conversion of a single legacy savegame into the native .save package format. When this function is called the savegamePath (which is assumed to be a path to a legacy savegame, in the internal file system) is offered to each converter plugin in turn. If a plugin supports conversion of the given file type a conversion attempt is made. Returns True or False to indicate the source file was located and a at least one plugin signalled that conversion was attempted.

SavedSession.convert(“doom1-ultimate”, “/legacysavegames/doom1-ultimate/DoomSav0.dsg”)

convertAll ( Text|[[game_identity_key|gameId]] )

Performs conversion of all the legacy savegames located for the given gameId. Otherwise functions identically to convert.

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