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 ====== File system ====== ====== File system ======
-===== Packages =====+Doomsday 2 has an internal file system that abstracts away all platform-specific details about the files being used. 
-In Doomsday 2, resources are collected into packagesA package is folder or a ZIP archive that uses the //.pack// extension and contains the required metadata that describes the contents ​of the package.+The file system maintains a tree of files and foldersIt provides ​way to quickly and efficiently locate files anywhere in the treeIt also contains ​semantic information about the structure and content ​of the tree, allowing others to know how to treat the files and folders.
-  ​* [[fs:​packages|Package ​metadata ​and examples]]+===== Features ===== 
 +  * [[assets:​Low-level image filtering]] 
 +  * **Packages:​** In Doomsday 2, resources are collected into packages. A package has a //.pack// file extension and is either a folder or a ZIP archive. Packages are required to contain metadata that describes the contents of the package. 
 +    ​* [[fs:​packages|Package ​format ​and examples]] 
 +    * [[modding:​Resource packaging guidelines]]
-===== Internal details ===== 
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