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 +====== How to do camera zooming with keys ======
 +[[http://​​talk/​discussion/​2406/​zoom-script-heretic-hexen-doom/​p1|Tolwyn]] wrote:
 +> Thought I'd share this script that I've been using for years on zooming in and out in Doomsday.
 +> Yes, you could create an alias that references the x and y factor by themselves, but I got a little lazy. Just change the factors to suit your setup. When zoomed in, the idea is that mouse sensitivity decreases for more precise aiming (or just looking around) and when you zoom out, your default sensitivity resumes.
 +  alias "​+zin"​ "​zin1"​
 +  alias "​-zin"​ "​zin0"​
 +  alias "​zin"​ "​zin1"​
 +  alias "​zin0"​ "​rend-camera-fov 110; input-mouse-x-factor 50.0; input-mouse-y-factor 40.0"
 +  alias "​zin1"​ "​rend-camera-fov 30; input-mouse-x-factor 30.0; input-mouse-y-factor 20.0"
 +  bindevent key-ctrl-down "​zin1"​
 +  bindevent key-ctrl-up "​zin0"​
 +(Put these commands in your autoexec.cfg.)
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