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 +This is a tutorial for making a custom Windows shortcut for Doomsday, courtesy of [[http://​​forums/​memberlist.php?​mode=viewprofile&​u=1082|code120]]
 +  -  Open the Doomsday Frontend, press //Alt+C// to get the command line ("​Preview command line"​).
 +  -  Paste everything in a text editor (e.g., Notepad 2) and join all lines (select all & //​Ctrl+J//​),​ select all & copy.
 +  -  Create a **.bat** file in the Doomsday folder, with the following commands (paths are examples):<​code>​D:​\Doomsday\bin\Doomsday.exe -basedir... (paste here the joined command line)</​code>​
 +  -  Save the file.
 +  -  Create in the same dir a **.js** (Javascript) file with the commands (replace "​filename.bat"​ with the name of your bat file):
 +  var WindowStyle_Hidden = 0
 +  var objShell = WScript.CreateObject("​WScript.Shell"​)
 +  var result = objShell.Run("​cmd.exe /c filename.bat",​ WindowStyle_Hidden)
 +This will suffice, you'll maybe want to create a shortcut to the **.js** file and have a custom icon.
 +You can actually skip the js passage, but when you launch the **.bat** file directly a command prompt window will stay on the background, the js will make it hide.
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