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 +//Deltas// contain information about map data. Periodically,​ in a networked game, the server compiles a set of deltas for each client. The 
 +deltas record the differences in the game world compared to the last time 
 +deltas were generated, e.g. the movement of map objects and planes, ​
 +and sector light changes. On serverside, each client has a delta pool, 
 +which contains all the deltas about to be sent. A delta is not removed ​
 +from the pool until the client acknowledges receiving it. Deltas are resent until acknowledged. All delta processing is done in **sv_pool.c**. ​
 +Delta generation will be undergoing changes for [[version_1_9.0]]. [[dmu]] will be utilized for more efficiently generating deltas, without having to resort to a registry of historical map data.
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