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Values for Heretic

When using the Heretic Plugin, the following values can be edited in a Values definition:


  Player {
    Max ammo {
      <ammoname> = "0";

  Weapon Info {
    <weaponnumber> {
      Id = "<weaponid>";
      Static = "0";
      Per shot {
        <ammoname> = "<amount>";
      # Powered mode:
      2 {  
        Static = "0";
        Per shot {
          <ammoname> = "<amount>";


There may be multiple Player blocks per Values definition, later definitions override earlier ones.

Max ammo
Maximum amount of ammo that the player can carry. Remember that this will be doubled by a back pack pickup. (Since 2.1)

Weapon Info

There may be multiple Weapon Info blocks per Values definition, later definitions override earlier ones. A Weapon Info block begins with the number of the weapon that is to be configured (see reference table below).

Setting this to “1” will prevent the lowering/raising of the weapon when switching (e.g., if a weapon model has raise/lower animations). However the weapon will still take the same amount of time to switch as the raise/lower animation would take.
Per shot
Amount(s) of ammo used per shot. You can specify one or more ammo types. Any types not specified are automatically set to zero.

Power level 2

Player weapons behave differently with the Tome of Power. Values for these powered weapons are defined in the subgroup 2 inside the weapon's value group. For example, the definition below applies to the Gold Wand (weapon number 1) in the Powered state:

Values {
  Weapon Info {
    1 {
      2 { 
        Per shot { Crystal = "2" }

Reference Tables

Weapon Numbers

In Heretic the weapon numbering is as follows:

Number Weapon ID
0 staff
1 goldwand
2 crossbow
3 blaster
4 skullrod
5 phoenixrod
6 mace
7 gauntlets

Note that when the player is transformed to a Chicken, all weapons are replaced with the Beak.

Ammo names

In Heretic the following ammo types are defined (since 2.1):

Ammo name
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