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 +====== Text (DED) ======
 +Defines a text string.
 +Do not change the order of existing Text definitions;​ always add new
 +definitions to the end of the list. This is because Games access strings
 +using the index numbers of the strings, and the indices are assigned based
 +on the order of the Text definitions.
 +  Text
 +  {
 +     ID = "​DD_STRNG";​
 +     Text = "​Example string";​
 +  }
 +===== Syntax =====
 +==== ID ====
 +Identifier of the text string.
 +==== Text ====
 +The string itself. Backslash (\) is used as an escape
 +character: \n = newline. Quotes (") must be escaped or the
 +parser will think the string ends ("Say \"​Hello!\""​). The
 +string can be divided onto multiple lines, in which case the
 +parser will skip to the first non-space character of the
 +next line when it encounters an end of line. For example
 +the following two strings are identical:
 +  "This is a long
 +     ​string?"​
 +  ​
 +  "This is a longstring?"​
 +The escape sequence ''​\_''​ translates to a normal space
 +character, so these two strings are also identical:
 +  "This is another long
 +      \_string."​
 +  ​
 +  "This is another long string."​
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