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 +====== Material (DED) ======
 +Definitions specify the properties of a material built from one or more textures, for use on the surfaces of world maps (floors, walls etc...).
 +The focus of this article is to detail how these properties are exposed to mod authors and the specifics of the syntax.
 +===== Core concepts =====
 +A material is an abstract concept which replaces the id Tech 1 mechanism of directly attributing [[texture]] resources to map surfaces. Please see the [[material]] documentation for details on their use(s) and the mechanics of the abstraction with regard to mod compatibility.
 +Using materials one is able to layer textures in a //​dynamic//,​ "​logical material"​ which can be applied to a world surface. (In contrast to a texture, which is a //static// composite of one or more graphics).
 +Materials exist entirely independently from any textures attributed to their [[#​layer|layer]]s. This means one can reuse the same textures in **multiple** Materials.
 +**Note for modders**: The term '​texture'​ in Doomsday refers to **any** graphic resource which has been loaded for use as an in-game texture. Graphics composited from several [[patch]]s according to TEXTURE1/2 definitions are a type of texture.
 +===== Syntax =====
 +===== Examples =====
 +A simple 128x128 Material composed of a single non-animated texture layer:
 +  ​
 +  Material
 +  {
 +    Id = "​Textures:​MyMaterial";​
 +    Height = 128;
 +    Width = 128;
 +    Layer {
 +      Stage { Texture = "​Textures:​BROWN1";​ }
 +    }
 +  }
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