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Doomsday 2 manages resources as assets. In practice, an asset is comprised of Doomsday Script and a set of associated files inside a package.

Before you start working with assets, you should have a good understanding of how packages work in Doomsday 2.

Common characteristics

Assets by type

Identifier Name
model.thing.* 3D model for a thing (skeletal animation)
model.weapon.* 3D model for a player weapon (skeletal animation)
texture.particle.* Particle image
texture.reflect.* Reflection cube map

Other resources

OpenGL shader program

Implementation status (1.15 →)

The asset system was first introduced in 1.15. It was only used for the GL2 model renderer.

In 2.0, assets were added for particle texture images and 3D model reflection cube maps.

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